How to use WSO2 Carbon Admin services to assign permissions to user goups

This is the way of setting permissions for a role using a “carbon admin service”. Basically, this is an http post request.   The endpoint is : https://localhost:9445/services/UserAdmin.UserAdminHttpsSoap11Endpoint   Replace localhost and port according management console information That should be like <esb host name>:<management console https port>   Request Payload :   <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=”; xmlns:xsd=”http://org.apache.axis2/xsd“&gt; … Continue reading

Understanding the database scripts of WSO2 products

WSO2 Carbon based products require some databases to be created for operation. Every WSO2 product comes with a folder named dbscripts (CARBON_HOME/dbscripts) and that folder contains database scripts for different types of databases. These scripts creates 3 set of tables by default. 1) Registry tables -These are related to registry artifacts of the WSO2 product. … Continue reading

WSO2 ESB properties tutorial

WSO2 ESB provides properties as a way to control different aspects of the messages flowing through the mediation engine. They will not change the content (payload) of the message but they will be used to change the behavior of the message flowing through the ESB. Property mediator is used to access or modify the properties … Continue reading