Posted in October 2011

All new Windows 8 has come

Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 8 has been unveiled. This operating system carries all the best features from Windows 7 and have improvements on top of that. Following video will give you the glimpse of an idea about Windows 8 which will be running on everything other than your rice cooker 🙂

Quick tips and tools

SVN – SubVersion controlsystem This is a system in which you can keep a repository of source codes and then keep working on that source code simultaneously by more people while all the changes will be merged in one solution. tortoisesvn is a open source SVN system. What is .NET framework Microsoft .NET framework is … Continue reading

Load Huge Data block into Oracle database

  You can use sqlloader to insert or update huge amount of data into an oracle database. All you need is to create a control file and data file according to that. example control file is shown below (load.ctl) load data infile ‘b00000004.dat’ badfile ‘b00110000.bad’ discardfile ‘b00110000.dsc’ INSERT INTO TABLE CHANA_TEST FIELDS TERMINATED BY “,” … Continue reading

Solution to Windows xp most annoying problem

I recently installed a windows vista inspirat pack on my office desktop PC. Since that pack reduced the speed of the pc i have uninstalled the pack and then reboot the machine. But after that all the things have gone. only desktop wallpaper remained. no takbar, no start button, cannot right click, cannot run explorer, … Continue reading