Posted in April 2012

Installing joomla on ubuntu in 15 minutes

This is a simple and easy to use guide to install joomla without any permission issues on ubuntu. You can successfully install joomla within 15 minutes. Let’s start the clock and start working. First you need to have a web server on your local machine. Xampp is the most popular open source web server which … Continue reading

Debug C program with emacs tutorial

You can debug a C or C++ program using GDB, the GNU debugger, which was developed by the same organization that released Emacs. You can easily integrate it with Emacs to interactively debug programs. While you can use it from the Unix prompt, it has additional functionality when you use it within the Emacs editor. … Continue reading

Find File in windows with C++ code

Windows doesn’t have a built-in function that checks if a file with a given name exists. It can be trivially written using GetFileAttributes or FindFirstFile APIs. Version below uses GetFileAttributes. /* Return TRUE if file ‘fileName’ exists */ bool FileExists(const TCHAR *fileName) { DWORD fileAttr; fileAttr = GetFileAttributes(fileName); if (0xFFFFFFFF == fileAttr && GetLastError() == … Continue reading

mysql not starting in xampp error on port 3306

Nice to be back with another solution for a common (not so) problem which google takes some time to find a proper solution.   As mentioned in the title of the post, this thing happens when i was installing xampp server on my office computer.   After successfully installing the xampp server, i was trying … Continue reading

Android testing tutorial with Robotium

Testing on android devices is well supported by it’s internal testing framework. You can do almost every aspect of a test using android testing framework. The following two links are great places to start writing test cases for any android application. Please read these material before you proceed to the Robotium part of this tutorial. … Continue reading