Device not found error on android

How this has happened?

This was happened after i have updated my android SDK  using eclipse in windows enviornment. After i have updated the android components, my device ( Motorola ET1 tablet) was not recognized by the development machine. I tried with both command line (with adb) and with eclipse DDMS.

How this issue was fixed

After searching through internet, I have found that the root cause for this issue was that when the android SDK was updated, adb_usb.ini file which configures the usb driver, was changed.

This file was located at /user-profile/.android/adb_usb.ini

The entry which describes the device specific usb driver was removed from that file by the software update.

Then i found the usb driver and updated the device driver ids (which were mentioned in the document) to the file adb_usb.ini

These ids are hex values. You need to enter those values one after other as one id per line.

If you can’t find these ids in the document( or you don’t have such document), go to the device manager and get the ids by searching for the usb drives which were configured for android device.

Once you update this file, you need to restart the adb service with the following commands.

adb kill-server

adb start-server

Now you can detect the device with adb devices command.

cheers !!!!!!!!!!

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