Posted in October 2012

How to add your device in to eclipse in ubuntu linux

If you are an android developer in the linux platform, you will encounter this problem when your first physical android device connected to your computer. It will not detect automatically by the Eclipse enviornment. You need to make it detectable using the following method. adb devices If you got a lot of question marks List … Continue reading

Windows 8 surface tablet has released

October 26th 2012 was a historical day of Microsoft. It has released it’s most challenging and innovative Operating System ever. This time it is not only about your PC, it’s about your phone, your tablet, your laptop and many more. Single operating system for everything. Most of the tablet users find it bit difficult when … Continue reading

How to uninstall pam face authentication

In order to remove pam-face-authentication from your system, just do the steps in following order. First you have to deselect the plugin, then remove the PAM config file and lastly the package itself. 1. First you have to deselect the plugin sudo pam-auth-update –package face_authentication 2. then remove the PAM config file sudo rm /usr/share/pam-configs/face-authentication … Continue reading