Posted in September 2013

WSO2 ESB Cheat Sheet

WSO2 ESB Cheat Sheet WSO2 ESB is a lean but powerful mediation engine that would help you to run your businesses in the best shape. With this blog post I am going to point you to the best resources that you could find in the internet for learning about WSO2 ESB. Getting started with WSO2 … Continue reading

Learning Apache Axis2 from level zero – Part II

Today I am going to discuss about what happens to a message come in to an axis2 engine. Here is a pictorial representation of what is happening inside an axis2 engine. The key functionality of any given web service framework is processing an incoming message and delivering it to the targeted application (service), and once … Continue reading

Learning Apache Axis2 from level zero – part I

Well I guess you have come to this page with the intention of learning something about Apache Axis2. If you search for google the word “Apache Axis2”, you may get millions of pages. But most of them have some pre-requisites before teaching you about Apache Axis2. My intention with this post is to share my … Continue reading

10 Minute tutorial for extending the WSO2 ESB

WSO2 ESB is a smart, light-weight enterprise integration engine which you can use to accomplish most of your enterprise level integration scenarios. You can have a good understanding on the usage of the WSO2 ESB from this tutorial. Here I am going to discuss about extending the basic functionality of the WSO2 ESB by interfering the messages … Continue reading