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Installing puppet on red hat linux based system

Installing puppet on red hat linux based system   This blog post will guide you through installing puppet as a master/agent configuration in a RedHat Linux based systems. This is nothing other than collecting the important information mentioned in the puppetlabs web site. What I have done is collecting pieces of information which is scettered … Continue reading

How to uninstall pam face authentication

In order to remove pam-face-authentication from your system, just do the steps in following order. First you have to deselect the plugin, then remove the PAM config file and lastly the package itself. 1. First you have to deselect the plugin sudo pam-auth-update –package face_authentication 2. then remove the PAM config file sudo rm /usr/share/pam-configs/face-authentication … Continue reading

Face recognition application on ubuntu

Install pam face recognition application on your ubuntu laptop First open a terminal, then proceed with the following commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:antonio.chiurazzi sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install pam-face-authentication The commands above add the Ubuntu repository for pam-face-authentication to your package source list and then the plugin is actually installed. Configuration Now it’s necessary to … Continue reading

Quick tips and tools

SVN – SubVersion controlsystem This is a system in which you can keep a repository of source codes and then keep working on that source code simultaneously by more people while all the changes will be merged in one solution. tortoisesvn is a open source SVN system. What is .NET framework Microsoft .NET framework is … Continue reading