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WSO2 ESB properties tutorial

WSO2 ESB provides properties as a way to control different aspects of the messages flowing through the mediation engine. They will not change the content (payload) of the message but they will be used to change the behavior of the message flowing through the ESB. Property mediator is used to access or modify the properties … Continue reading

ESB Performance round 7.5 results released

ESB Performance is one of the critical factors when you are choosing an ESB for your enterprise integration requirements. Different vendors carries out performance tests with respect to others by time to time. WSO2 is an open source ESB vendor which carries out performance tests frequently since their inception in 2005. With the latest performance … Continue reading

Securing Web Services with WSO2 ESB – Securing a proxy service with basic authentication (Username Token)

Web Services Security, or to be more precise, SOAP message security, identifies and provides solutions for general computer security threats as well as threats unique to Web services. WSO2 Carbon supports WS Security, WS-Policy and WS-Security Policy specifications. These specifications define a behavioral model for Web services. A requirement for one Web service may not … Continue reading